over a 100 yrs in age: Sardinia is 10 times better than the USA

Their secrets:

  • NO processed food -- with meals always prepared fresh, from scratch
  • Daily walking, in "nature"
  • Socializing.  Current scientific research shows this to be the MAJOR factor

But how to achieve this within the busy lives, in a "modern society".  There are many natural and practical approaches to looking and being younger, working from the inside. OASIS will help you find what’s most effective for your budget and personality.

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Add 30 years to your life : New Discovery:  Pomegranate + Prebiotics

In April 2017, a clinical study led by Johan Auwerx, MD, PhD, Professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, found evidence that the life-extension capabilities demonstrated in mice and worms in 2016, can be applicable to humans.  Urolithin A which:

  • bumped up the running endurance of aged mice by an average of 42 percent.
  • Increased the lifespan of C. elegans worms by 45 percent. (human equivalent is about 30+ years)

OASISforHEALTH will show you why you should add pomegranate and specific prebiotics to your diet NOW; and not wait for all the human clinical trials for Urolithin A.  We’ll also show you how you can do it easily (even if you don’t like the taste of pomegranate).

Another important supplement in anti-aging, L-Dopa is the remarkable precursor for the needed and beneficial neurotransmitter dopamine. Clinically proven, it is one of the few substances that crosses the blood brain barrier, converting into Dopamine, and thereby stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary to release and increase the the level of growth hormone in the body. Dopamine also regulates motor control, sex drive, immune function, fat gain and loss, lean muscle gain, bone density, energy levels, and the ability to sleep soundly.

Recent research shows that NAD (Nicotinamide Ribosome)  is probably more effective in slowing/reversing aging, than highly-touted compounds like resveratrol, which is found in red wine.

Pomegranate, Probiotics and L-Dopa and NAD are just four of the scores of supplements which will be evaluated by OASISfH, to find which will be most effective for that UNIQUE individual -- you!


We believe Mindfulness Meditation to be the BEST way to de-stress, which helps keep you young.  Our 1-minute SECULAR meditation practice will help compensate for the lack of "extended family", in-person socializing, which may be difficult to fit into our busy days.

OASIS one-minute Chakra Meditations gives you UNIQUE ways to take the WORLD in-stride.

You may have heard of phrases like “Live in the PRESENT”. 

Sound great, feels right.  But how do you achieve this?

One is often captive to the memory of PAST experiences, and worries about the FUTURE.

OASIS Facilitators will help you begin with just 1 minute at a time; whenever you remember, during your day.

Exercise efficiently

Usually people do too little. But it’s possible to do too much.

Just 20 minutes, every other day, is optimal! (we'll train you to listen to your body and not go over the 90% capability mark, at the peak)


"……for MEN, if you can double your sexual activity from once a week to twice a week, you will live on average about three years longer. …………..For WOMEN, it's not about amount of sex. It's about quality of sex. ……… it works for them as well.  ….so if you double it again, you get that much more benefit. We didn't study people who had 800 events a year, because there aren't that many of them. But certainly, going from once a week to twice a week is a very rational adjustment in expectations."          Dr. Mehmet OZ, MD


Trained OASIS Facilitators will provide the quickest / most-effective steps -- applicable to your unique personality, budget, relationships and schedule 

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