In 2014 Dr. Dale Bredesen MD, a UCLA researcher was able to reverse Alzheimer’s in 9 out of 10 patients using only Healthy Lifestyles & highly-selected Supplements in his Protocol.


The current OASISforHEALTH protocol for Alzheimer’s/Dementia extends and enhances the elements in that Protocol.


Tip #1 :  De-Stress: secular Mindfulness Meditation is the most effective modality for most people.  Other forms of meditation and relaxation will help.

The OASISforHEALTH 1-minute meditations will start you on a path to being calm all-the-time; using the power of your subconscious – regardless of your belief system: any religion or no religion. [6]


Tip #2 :  Optimize your DIET: Replace sugar with stevia/Monk-fruit; all food should be minimally-processed & organic, as much as possible; Tumeric; Egg-yolk; Broccoli; Coconut Oil; Ghee; Alaskan Salmon; Anchovies; Sea vegetables; Beets ; Kale; sprouted/fermented vegetables ; Green Tea; Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV with “mother”) ; Bone Broth …

Eat the rainbow!  A discussion of the specific ways to incorporate the foods listed here into an individual diet, including cooking temperatures and utensils, is beyond the scope of this blog post. However, in general, a Ketogenic / Mediterranean Diet is known to increase longevity by a variety of mechanisms.  Using fats (ghee, coconut oil, fish oil) to replace sugar as your primary energy source, reduces inflammation, a key aspect of Alzheimer’s. [8]

Tip #3 :  Key SUPPLEMENTS: Magnesium (Epsom salt foot-bath); B12 (Methylcobalamin); B6; B5 ; (D3 + K2) ; L-Theanine ; Mucuna pruriens ; Probiotics & Prebiotics ; Zinc-Copper ratio ; Sage; Rosemary; Ashwagandha ; DHA ; liposomal Vit C ; SAM-e ; Stem Cell 100+ ; …

Supplements are needed to offset digestive weakness and diminished soil nutrients.  A discussion of the specific roles of the nutrients listed here, is beyond the scope of this blog post.  However, the Calcium-Magnesium-D3-K2-Klotho axis should be noted.  Supplementing Vitamin D (preferably the natural form: D3: cholecalciferol) without considering this axis, could lead to calcium deposits in the wrong places – leading to heart disease and kidney stones. [11][12][13]

Tip #4 :  Detox: Infra-red Sauna; Floss often; Ghee ; Cilantro [for Aluminum] ; fresh Wheat Grass juice [for Iron Overload] ; Triphala; Parsley; Silymarin ...

Toxic chemicals are now pervasive in our living environment – hence the need to detox.  Critical to enter and exit any intense detox regimen SLOWLY.  The regimen should be customized to the individual’s health profile, using symptoms and tests. [10][14]

Tip #5 :   Variable Intensity exercise.  Research shows just 20 minutes every other day is best for most folks.  You may choose the kind of exercise: walking, swimming, biking, jogging, etc.  The pattern/peak for varying the intensity, should depend on your current Health Profile. 

Aerobic exercise (outdoors whenever possible) increases brain volume and generates brain growth factors (e.g. BDNF) shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s [3]

 Tip #6 :  On alternate days, choose a form of strength/flexibility training, also for 20 minutes.  Weight-lifting, body-weight bearing Yoga, etc.

Strength and aerobic exercise can be combined to increase overall effectiveness [4]

 Tip #7 :  Don’t sit still for more than 10 mins at a time.  Sitting is the new Smoking!

Stand up, walk, wash dishes, etc (even fidgeting helps!) [7]  Intensive exercise, even an hour daily, does NOT offset the harm from sitting for long periods at a time.

 Tip #8 :  Exercise your mind: Learn a new language; new musical instrument; keep working (part-time)

Has to be challenging – watching TV does NOT count. [5]

 Tip #9 :  For over 4 million years of human existence, before the advent of artificial lighting, we went to SLEEP when the sun went down and woke up when the sun came up.  More recent guidelines from TCM, Ayurveda and current research point to 10 pm –to-6 am as a good goal

Establish Circadian Rhythm (follow the sun) – desperately important” per Dr. Perlmutter, MD [2].  Clears out dead cellular matter (autophagy), as part of rejuvenation.

 Tip #10 :  13-hr FAST daily.  7 pm to 8 am works for most people.  Stop eating at least 3 hours before sleep.

Fasting has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and Chi Gong as a healing practice.  Recently, some studies show time-restricted intermittent fasting, which may be more acceptable to most people, to have brain-health benefits.    Using fats to replace sugar as the primary energy source, may help the brain to compensate for the reduced efficiency of glucose metabolism in early Alzheimer’s.  This regimen also helps burn stored fat. [9]


The OASISforHEALTH free health coaching consultation will get you started.

Good News: Perfection NOT required.

Dr. Bredesen [1] achieved excellent results even though his patients had difficulty observing all aspects of the Protocol.  And at OASISforHEALTH we provide the COACHING NEEDED TO BEND THE RULES, TO FIT YOUR JOB AND YOUR LIFE.


Trained OASIS Facilitators will provide the quickest / most-effective steps -- applicable to your unique personality, budget, relationships and schedule 

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STRONGER MEMORY & MORE SMARTS are the more immediate fringe benefits of working on preventing Alzheimer's.  Holistically improving Cognitive Performance.


     IRON Overload lowers BRAIN PERFORMANCE

                         Transferrin Saturation test is most accurate



Sources & References:


[2] Dr. David Perlmutter, MD; a board-certified neurologist and author of The New York Times best seller “The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan: Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health”

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