Meditate: Minute-at-a-Time becomes ALL-THE-TIME

1-minute MINDFULNESS chakra meditations (practiced anywhere, anytime)

We've extracted the UNIVERSAL elements from historical practices.  See the power of the primordial OM sound, in this video of a BABY's instant CALM

This meditation technique starts with easy steps based on following one’s breath; but at the advanced levels, visualizations, chakra colors, and mantras will be utilized.

Eventually you’ll learn how to be an “observer”, even as you act quickly and firmly, in a physical way.  You’ll have achieved Satori, as in Zen.  You’ll be MINDFUL every minute of your day (when your eyes are usually OPEN!)
Unlike most, if not all, other meditation techniques, you’ll quickly be able to bring the benefits (anger management, positive thinking, effective actions, joyful emotions) of the meditative state, to your everyday life.
This is a SECULAR mindfulness meditation technique, based on UNIVERSAL principles.
A minute-at-a-time becomes ALL-THE-TIME, almost effortlessly
Maintain feelings of joy, serenity, hope, gratitude and humor; even when beset with negative external forces.  Grounding oneself in this well of positivity; enables love for all, to keep growing.
But living this way, under all circumstances, takes a powerful tool.
OASISforHEALTH (“OfH Meditations”) 1-minute chakra meditations (practiced anywhere, anytime) provides the tool.
OfH Meditations combines Mindfulness and Kundalini Meditation techniques to achieve the state of Satori in Zen.
We’ll make available, the scientific research which backs these approaches.
Meditation drop-out Dr. Mark Hyman MD, who recently re-discovered the benefits of meditation:
"When you do less with more [focus], you enjoy life more and perform at a higher level. Stress relief might be the most-studied benefit, but meditation also has been found to help reduce drug addictionrelieve anxiety and boost immunity"
Trained OASIS Facilitators will provide the quickest / most-effective steps -- applicable to your unique personality, budget, relationships and schedule 
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You’ll receive just the science (no hype)


Well-known author and spiritualist, Karlyle Tomms interviews Dr. Subas on integrating the most powerful techniques in Mindfulness MEDITATION, ZEN, KARATE, CHAKRA Activation

[ 3min VIDEO ]

 Learn the proprietary OASISforHEALTH 1-minute technique

Cosmic Awareness will increase with each Session
May the FORCE be with You
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