About all our healers

Each and every healer is committed to a holistic integration of spiritual, mental and physical health approaches, emphasizing the Mind-Body-Soul connection


BIH Facilitators

BIH Facilitators generally have many years of prior experience in healthcare and lifecare counseling/coaching. They receive training in  BIH ’s core principles and tenets; and will be certified by  BIH, prior to engaging with Members. These core principles and tenets, include:


Empathy for others

Understand why/where a Member’s life/health situation; before suggesting changes

Review their Health Profile

Probe further: listen; build trust & rapport

Ask: what they have tried & would like to try

Be a Life Coach

 BIH mantra: make suggestions fit the Member’s budget & typical 24-hr day


Dr. Sean Subas

Lead Facilitator

  • Dr. Subas brings over 30 years of research and practice into a wide spectrum of holistic health modalities – creating an Expert System which is a “mash up” of the knowledge of experts in all the major health modalities. Health modalities include: Naturopathy; MINDFULNESS Meditation; Psychotherapy-Spiritual Counseling; Ayurveda; Yoga; and Western Medicine (mainly from a Functional Medicine viewpoint).  Dr. Subas obtained a Ph.D. program in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an M.S. in Biophysics, while he was a Fulbright Scholar at Purdue. 

 Health Coach Certification from the William Sears MD Institute

  ( click here for Dr. Sear’s background )  


Andrew Mazzeo
Lead Facilitator

Andy plays a lead role within the BLISSinHEALTH Facilitator program. He creates Facilitator study guides, and conducts training sessions. Andy also functions as a Senior Facilitator, resolving complex healthy-lifestyle-coaching issues.

Andy brings over 30 years of research and personal experience into Wellness and Functional Health. He utilizes his expertise and knowledge towards helping individuals immerse themselves in integrative health. He has been using juicing and natural supplementation as alternatives to improve health since 1974 and started therapies in Naturopathic medicine in the early 1990’s. Melding Eastern and Western medicine; he balances spiritual, physical, and mental needs to allow the body to optimize healing. Using this approach, he has overcome personal challenges with autoimmune disease. He is certified as a Health Minister by Hallelujah Acres; specializing in maintenance and recovery programs using a plant-based diet -- addressing nutritional deficiencies, reducing toxicity and thereby improving overall health.


Hoda A. Cox

Senior Facilitator

Hoda currently holds classes focused on the critical role of Nutrition in preventing and healing disease. She runs a blog with over 800 followers, focused on nutritional and lifestyle options that prevent disease -- using experience gained in consultations with top integrative- medicine practitioners.


Hoda is also a skilled chef. She operated a private catering service for 15 years in Contra Costa County, since her passion has always been sharing nutritious food with others. In 2010, she opened a Cafe in Berkeley which was voted ‘Best of the East Bay

Hoda is originally from Lebanon; where delicious, healthy food and extended family constantly mingle. She brings an understanding of the ways in which food and relationships affect health. In the past 5 years, she has devoted over 2500 hours researching integrative approaches to wellness. It is her conviction that what we do with our mind, our mouth, our heart, our hands and our feet determine our health.


Vinod Mistry

Facilitator Coordinator

Vinod integrates the role of BIH Facilitator Coordinator, into his full-time duties as BIH Operations Manager. He has acquired much experience as a life coach, from many years of studying and practicing multiple modalities: he has attended courses in Vastu-Shashtra, Feng Shui, Reiki, and the Emotional Freedom technique (EFT); and has helped numerous people, over many years, using these techniques on a pro-bono basis.


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BLISSinHEALTH Circle of Practitioners

Independent Practitioners who have been reviewed by BLISSinHEALTH, and who subscribe to the BLISSinHEALTH philosophy of healthcare as described above, and in the "About Us" tab.


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