COVID : All you NEED to know – but the Media is NOT Telling YOU

BACK TOP of Blog CONTENTS table TOP of Blog Page 1 Here, you'll learn about the insidious poisoning of the world population TOP Vaccine Maker Merck, CEO Ken Frazier Mid 2020* “when people tell the public that there's going to be a vaccine by the end of 2020, they do a grave disservice to the public.……… [lots] of vaccines in the past that have stimulated the immune system, but ultimately didn't confer protection. And ... some cases where it stimulated the immune system and not only it didn't confer protection, but actually helped the virus invade the cell (‘ADE’)" The Merck’s...

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**WIN** with **ZEN**

blog ZEN meditation

🏆 *WIN* NOW 🏆

Win at *LOVE* and *WORK*

with ZEN-satori

via PAINLESS BLISSinHEALTH 1-minute Meditations

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Hi Carbs or Hi Fats? Which One Causes Heart Attacks? Shortens your LIFE?

Hi Carbs or Hi Fats? Which Diet is more likely to cause a Heart Attack? Answer: Which Carb?; which Fat? If hi-carbs are from fresh vegetable juice, and hi-fats are from coconut oil; BOTH are good.  If the hi-carbs are from soda and the hi-fats are from heated (cooking) vegetable (Omega-6) oils; BOTH are bad. Why “Plant-based” is misleading Exclusively "plant-based" diets are Vegan. Adding Fish (NOT red meat) to Vegetables, makes Pesco-Vegetarian BEAT Vegan. According to a large statistically-controlled study of 73,308 Seventh-day Adventist men and women (published in JAMA : Journal of the American Medical Association); the Pesco-Vegetarian (i.e. including Fish) Diet came out...

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Do it like Mo SALAH & Roger FEDERER & Tom BRADY

OASISforHEALTH (“OfH Meditations”) 1-minute chakra meditations (practiced anywhere, anytime) combines MINDFULNESS and Kundalini Meditation techniques to achieve the state of Satori in Zen. Roger Federer, at the age of 37, has won an all-time record 20 Grand Slam singles titles and has....

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Industry uses BIASED Research to boost PROFITs regardless of CONSUMER HEALTH

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MONSANTO   TRIAL by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ……….   the essential values and future of our country once again are on trial. .......Dewayne Lee Johnson, a young black man who is dying of a debilitating and agonizing form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he says he contracted from contact with the ubiquitous weed killer Roundup. .................................. [this] case is the spear-tip of a new American rebellion. It marks the first jury trial of similar legal claims already filed by more than 5,000 Americans against Roundup’s manufacturer Monsanto (now owned by the German chemical giant Bayer)! ...........  [source] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     California can...

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