Vision & Mission


An affordable, integrative-health care ecosystem, accessible by everyone on the planet; yet providing information uniquely useful to each person.



To use social-networking and Artificial Intelligence techniques, to create a community of well-informed people, who are able to easily make responsible decisions; with regard to their own health and well-being: mind, body, and soul.


BLISS will provide a quick and efficient way for the busy people of the modern world, to make the lifestyle adjustments that will most improve their holistic health status – without reacting to every sensationalized "study" on what not to eat/do, etc. In assessing different options for health care, BLISS’s guidance to Users will be driven by moderation and balance – the "middle road"; complementing the role of their human physician(s). And the suggestions made by BLISS will be only those that a specific User will find most palatable and practical – fitting into his/her day and budget.


uses a proprietary knowledge-base, developed over 30 years by the Founder, that spans all the major healthcare modalities: Naturopathy; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Ayurveda; Psychotherapy; Yoga; Chi Gong; Homeopathy; Chiropractic; Dentistry and Allopathy (mainly from a Functional Medicine viewpoint). Rather than attempt an in-depth analysis based on each health care modality; BLISS will initially focus on making suggestions that are most practical and effective, based on the User's inputs regarding their current beliefs, resources, and holistic health status. These suggestions will include the listing of options for further exploration - and a list of practitioners that may be consulted, in addition to the User's pre-existing physicians, before beginning a new approach to their health care. BLISS will also make extensive use of moderated/facilitated blogs, which Users will be directed to, based on BLISS's analysis of each User's personality and physiology types, as well as their current health status, and health care practices.


There is a plethora of claims made for the health benefits of various foods (including supplements and herbs); as well as for life styles (exercise, sleep duration, meditation, etc). BLISS will enable the many, small clinical studies; that are needed to substantiate the claims of various supplements and health foods - thereby creating a viable path for the consumer to optimize health. The clinical studies can be small, because we will start with test substances, that have been used for hundreds of years as foods therefore constituting little risk of toxicity); and with statistical designs that will minimize the variance of effectiveness measures. 20% of  net cash flow will be donated to an affiliated foundation for holistic health research - including clinical trials.


BLISS perspective on Spiritual Health

Centered on common Humanitarian Values -- allowing each individual to find his/her own spiritual path. Acceptance of differences in Belief Systems: thus an acceptance of all religions and no religion. While not mandatory, to benefit from being, and becoming, a member of BLISS; BLISS will encourage the practice of various kinds meditation, as scientific and non-religious practices - with proven clinical benefits. Meditation will be a core element in the BLISS approach to spirituality.


Information and statements regarding dietary supplements, or any other healthcare protocol, provided herein; have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA, or any similar Agency in another country, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. BLISSinHEALTH assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements.


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