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Product Descriptions

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Your Representations

You state that you are 18 years of age or older.


Return/Refund Policy

Products: Full refund if returned in good condition, within the 30 day period.  User is responsible for return shipping.


Services: Full refund if requested within 7 calendar days of receiving the corresponding service.


Customer Service

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please call email us at customer.support@BLISSinHEALTH.com



The dietary products may not have undergone evaluation and/or testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The suggestions/recommendations of this program is not designed to treat, or cure medical diseases. Before undertaking any suggestions or changes in diet or exercise within, consult your authorized healthcare practitioner.


BLISSinHEALTH.com is designed for educational benefits only.  BLISSinHEALTH services are in the form of "Information Sessions", a customized aggregation of information (often called "Suggestions", "tips", within the Portal), to be used in consultation with health care and other practitioners, duly authorized under the laws of the location in which you reside -- unless explicitly stated otherwise, in writing.  It's especially important that your health care is supervised by a licensed practitioner, if you have, or have reasonable grounds to believe you have, a physical or mental disease.  BLISSinHEALTH Suggestions are NOT meant to treat or cure diseases, but to improve your general health, and to complement any treatment(s) prescribed by a licensed/certified practitioner.


An BLISSinHEALTH Facilitator is generally not a licensed healthcare practitioner [and if s/he is, then s/he is not acting in that capacity in performing Facilitator functions, within BLISSinHEALTH.  If you wish to consult her/him in such licensed capacity, you’ll have to enter into a separate relationship/agreement with him/her].  BLISSinHEALTH Facilitators provide healthy-lifestyles coaching, on a person-to-person basis. Your interactions with BLISSinHEALTH staff, will generally be with BLISSinHEALTH Facilitators.   


The current edition of the BLISSinHEALTH Portal does NOT tailor its automated Suggestions to take any specific diseases you may have, into account.  At this time, if you desire such tailoring, we strongly recommend that you use some of the services provided by BLISSinHEALTH human Facilitators and Practitioners.


While BLISSinHEALTH tries to use sound and reliable studies, we may, on occasion, make mistakes. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented by BLISSinHEALTH, and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For confirmation, please contact product manufacturers and/or other sources of information.  You should not use this information for self-diagnosis or for treating a disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. BLISSinHEALTH assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements.


BLISSinHEALTH aggregation of information, or extended research, will often use the subjective judgement of BLISSinHEALTH staff; as to the priority, accuracy, appropriateness and importance of various pieces of information -- pursuant to the Profile you've provided BLISSinHEALTH.  Impact display charts and parameters, are intended to be illustrative only, and reflects subjective judgements of BLISSinHEALTH staff.


You are responsible for scheduling any necessary appointments and for determining if an unanswered online communications wasn't received.


You are responsible for taking steps to protect yourself from unauthorized use of online communications, such as keeping your password confidential. BLISSinHEALTH is not responsible for breaches of confidentiality caused by you or an independent third party.


It is harder to get rid of an online communications. Backup copies may exist on a computer or in cyberspace, even after both of us have deleted our copies.


Online communication is not private simply because it relates to your own medical information. We use encryption to protect your medical information online.  However, Employers and online services may have a right to inspect and keep online communications transmitted through their system. Some employers also use video-cams and keystroke monitoring.


Online communications are often admissible as evidence in court.


Online communications may disrupt or damage your computer if a computer virus is attached.


Please be aware that, if and when you establish a relationship for medical services/advice (“Medical Services”) with a health care practitioner; even if it arises from information provided, or a referral, by BLISSinHEALTH; and even if BLISSinHEALTH continues to provide you informational assistance after you establish the relationship, you are responsible for ensuring the appropriateness of such relationship, for the purpose you have in mind (especially if it involves medical advice) -- and for meeting all legal requirements in the location you reside.  Such Medical Services should be governed by a separate contract (unrelated to BLISSinHEALTH) between you and the health care practitioner.


BLISSinHEALTH’s Suggestions have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA, or any similar regulatory body, in any country.


Any Testimonials referred to in this Web site were volunteered by the makers without an offer of direct compensation. The results referred to, in Testimonials may not be typical, and you may get different results.


BLISSinHEALTH has the right to refuse / terminate services to any (prospective) user; without providing any reason.  User's only recourse is the refund on unused fees, if any.