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Meditate: Minute-at-a-Time becomes ALL-THE-TIME

1-minute MINDFULNESS chakra meditations (practiced anywhere, anytime) We've extracted the UNIVERSAL elements from historical practices.  See the power of the primordial OM sound, in this video of a BABY's instant CALM This meditation technique starts with easy steps based on following one’s breath; but at the advanced levels, visualizations, chakra colors, and mantras will be utilized. Eventually you’ll learn how to be an “observer”, even as you act quickly and firmly, in a physical way.  You’ll have achieved Satori, as in Zen.  You’ll be MINDFUL every minute of your day (when your eyes are usually OPEN!) Unlike most, if not all,...

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Find PEACE via Your SOUL: 100 Shades of Violet

Building on the seminal study of life between lives, by PhD Psychologist Michael Newton; we’ll integrate the guidance from spiritual masters across the ages.  It’ll be a scientific and conscious exploration – before we submit it to the subconscious. God works in mysterious ways, Her wonders to perform :  William Cowper We’ll connect the dots between Soul and Karma.  Karma is either explicit or implicit in all the major religions, as it is evident in any “common sense” understanding of the Soul.  Karma is more about learning than simply action and reaction. The Mind is the fusion of the Spiritual...

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